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An Antique Chatelaine

An Antique Chatelaine

The History

The farm was a dairy, milking Jersy cows until 2002,  and sheep were also raised for wool and meat until 2008.  You will still see a few Shetland ewes (female sheep) on the hillside.)

The land remains in active crop production growing corn, soybeans and alfalfa hay.

The Name

A Chatelaine historically was “the mistress of the chateau or farm.”

The mistress often carried her tools around the house attached to ornate chains hanging from a belt or pinned to a dress.  These chains held ornate needle holders, thimbles, scissors, writing pens, etc. and are still called Chatelaines by collectors of antiquities.

For the modern “chatelaines” and “chatelans,” we offer the farm house for rent in hope that it provides our guests with time to reflect, a place to create, and an environment to rekindle friendships and peaceful encounters with nature.